Order of the Moon

by Possessed Steel

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released June 22, 2017



all rights reserved


Possessed Steel Toronto, Ontario

Possessed Steel is a band based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Through valleys and mountain tops a calling can be heard.

We tell tales through songs.


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Track Name: Metal Giants
Parting the clouds the invaders descend from the sky
Putrid exhaust begins to darken the sun
Robots from the future made of glistening steel
Supersonic waves causing rapid decay of your flesh

As they begin their hunt
Commanding all to kneel
They are the giants made of steel

Burnin heavy metal rippin through the streets
There's nowhere to run, there's nowhere to hide
They came to this land to rid it from filth
And with the end of a gun it has begun - your life's in flames

As they begin their hunt
Commanding all to kneel
They were the giants made of steel
Track Name: Valhalla
Blood shall shed, as we trample the dead
Clashing of swords, Symphony of steel
Heads of the fallen adorned on pikes
Their sightless eyes guide our strike

Blades feast on flesharrows sing with the wind
Our enemy presses on we cannot win
Valkyries descend on rays of light
Onward we die, to Valhalla we ride


Cresting over the clouds we can see what's revealed
A castle of stone stands high in the sky
In Asgards womb it lies
Track Name: Order of the Moon
Far up over the mountains deep within the woods
Lies a sacred order long forgotten by man
Balance maintained by law of tooth and claw
Stolen by the mortals, Druids forbidden lands they seek to claim

When the full moon sweeps across the trees
Man becomes beast, begin the nocturnal feast
Allies with the night, they exact their revenge

The pack moves quickly tearing up the earth beneath their claws
Howls echo wide riding on the night sky

Lifting their heads they sing towards the road of stars
The chase is on you now become their prey
In the wake of the attack piles of bones lie cracked

Now it's the humans who'll be returned to the dirt
Balance will be returned to the earth by the breath of the dying
In the cold morning light
Track Name: Crystal Hand
From over the sea they could see the shroud
that fell across the land ahead
They must push into the waves and brave the storm
They came from far for the Crystal Hand

Tossed and turned, in unrelenting waves
Cast into the wake, victims of the deep

Then they were taken by the sea

The moons changed the tides and ashore they came
Some still alive but most of them drowned out from the storm
Four men strong they braved the cliffs above
Slowly ascending towards the peak

Deluge of Rain, thunder from the sky
Consumed by greed, they must possess the prize

As they approached they could see its place, but in a tomb it lies

It contains the fury of the seven seas
The crystal hand it robs them of their thoughts
Unable to move, think or speak
Motionless they lie beneath the moon

Lay them to rest

Now they lay as the dusk took its hold
A chill wind creeps down from the sky
Paralyzed by the hand's evil grasp
now they lay just to die in the night

Now they join the hordes of others who
Have tried to take the hand in their own
The only relic that can tame
The sacred power of the blade

Crystal Hand.